You may receive this error whilst logging into our panel:

What this means is that ReCAPTCHA v3 (a system for detecting whether you are a real user or a bot) has flagged you as being likely to be a bot / automated browser instead of a real human. There can be a few reasons for this:

You're using a VPN or datacenter IP
You have made lots of login attempts in quick succession
You have been sending automated requests to our panel
Your browser isn't correctly sending the captcha
The previous person who has your IP address did any of the above

What we'd recommend is to leave the panel and not try again for 20 minutes, to go to and sign in if you're not already signed in, disable any sort of VPN or if possible completely switch to a different network such as a different WiFi connection, then try once more.

You could also try from a different computer if possible.

If you're still having issues signing in after this, please contact our support team who can help look into this.
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