You may have noticed that when switching from a CraftBukkit based version such as Spigot or Paper, to the Vanilla Minecraft JAR, your Nether and End worlds may appear to have been reset. This is due to a difference in the way that dimensions are stored between the two JARs - don't worry, your progress is safe.

Here's a table to illustrate where each version stores each dimension:

What do I need to do when switching JARs?

When switching from Vanilla, to Paper/Spigot, the server will handle everything for you and move the dimensions to their correct locations.
If, however, you switch from Paper/Spigot, to Vanilla, then the Vanilla server will not be able to read the nether and end worlds from the CraftBukkit folder locations. What you will need to do to fix this is as follows:

Take a backup of your server using our backups page!
Stop your server.
Log in to your server using FTP.
Go into the /world folder and delete the DIM1 and DIM-1 folders - these are the newly generated nether and end folders.
Move the /world_nether/DIM-1 folder into the /world folder, so it is /world/DIM-1
Move the /world_the_end/DIM1 folder into the /world folder, so it is /world/DIM1
Start the server back up and verify it worked correctly, if it didn't then just restore the backup from stage 1.
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