When purchasing a server there's many different locations you can choose from, this guide will show which is best to use and how to change it.

What locations do you offer?

We offer 3 locations on our Minecraft hosting:

Europe (France)
North America (Canada)
Australia (Sydney) [Premium Only]

If the majority of your players are in or near one of these places then that's great! Simply choose the location closest to you. If you're not sure, you and your players can check your ping to each of our locations as follows.

How do I check my ping?

It's pretty simple to check your ping and only involves visiting our Ping Tester.

Go to https://ping.pebblehost.com/.
Wait for the ping test to run.
Our ping tester will give you the best location based on your ping to our locations.

Can I change location after I've purchased the server?

Yes, you can change location from our panel using this option:

Can I see where the ping will be from other places around the world?

For sure, if you head over to https://status.pebblehost.com, this will show the ping from many locations around the world. Please do note, though, that this is a rough estimate not a guarantee however it should help give a picture of what ping most players would likely get.

As an example, here's one of our North America nodes:
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