Thermos is a version of forge that allows you to run bukkit plugins on a forge server. Now, normally, it is not possible to do this, however with the use of Thermos you can install any bukkit plugin.

Step 1:
Find out what forge version you're using. While forge does use a specific minecraft version, each update has a specific version for forge in itself. You can usually tell which version of forge it is within the forge file name, as you can see in this image:

You can download forge here.

Step 2:
After you've found your forge version, you'll need to find the matching Thermos version. You can find Thermos here.
Here is an example for you now:

Always be sure to download the libraries folder that comes along with Thermos, as without it the server will not start. It comes in a zip, so it is recommended you use something such as WinRAR to access the actual libraries folder.

Step 3:
Upload the Thermos file and libraries file to your server. If you're unsure how to gain access to your files you can see our guide here.

Step 4:
Change your server to run on the Thermos jar file. It should look similar to this:

Now, due to the nature of what Thermos does it requires you to edit the which we unfortunately do not allow. Because of this, upon startup you will receive a few errors in console. They are nothing to worry about, it's been tested and it does not in any way decrease performance or remove any features.

Step 5:
The final step is to now go to bukkits website and download any plugins you'd like. You need to make sure they are a bukkit plugin, however, as Thermos only allows bukkit. Once you download these plugins you'll want to connect to your servers FTP and upload them to the "plugins" folder just like any normal server!
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