Seeds are a great way to get a map terrain that you enjoy without having to completely reset your world numerous times, testing it, and repeating on your server.

What is a world seed

A world seed is a long string of characters that determines the world your server generates.
Every world has a different seed that can be given to your server for it to use that world instead as you please.

How to get a seed

If you want to know your seed/want to use your seed somewhere else you will need to run the /seed command.
This command gives you the seed your world is currently working on.
Once you run this command you can simply copy it from your console, or, if you are running in singleplayer you can type it in your text chat then copy it.

How to change your seed

Once you've gotten your seed you'll want to change it so your server will run this seed and generate the proper terrain.
To do so, you'll need to edit the file which you can do via FTP or using the File Manager on the left of the panel (Recommended).
If you're unsure how to login to your servers files, I'd recommend checking our guide by clicking here.

After you've read up on our guide on connecting to your servers FTP you'll want to find your file. It will always be in the servers main directory, so you wont have to enter any folders.

Now you'll want to open up the file via FTP (Or the File Manager on the panel) and find level-seed=, if this is not in the file then you can simply add it to a new line.
Once you've found this, paste the seed you want into this space.

After this has been done, you'll want to locate your "world" folder. If you have changed the world name then you'll look for the folder named what you had set.
Once you've located your world folder you'll want to delete it.

Now you can restart your server, join, and it will be on the seed you set!
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