The Grindstone was added into Minecraft 1.14, and has quite a few uses! For example, one popular use is to strip an enchantment off of an item (such as a tool you picked up)!

Thankfully, the Grindstone's recipe is extremely cheap, so you can craft one almost right from the beginning of a new world. All it takes is, a couple of wooden planks (these can be any types of planks — even if they do not match), a couple of sticks, and a (regular, not smooth) stone slab! That recipe looks as follows:

The crafting recipe of a Grindstone

What would you need a Grindstone for?
Well, as mentioned at the start of this article, the Grindstone actually has many uses!
- Repairing items (such as tools, armor, and weapons) by combining two of the same types of items
- Remove an enchantment from an item (excluding cursed enchantments)
- Grindstones are the job block of a Weaponsmith Villager
- Grindstones also make fantastic decoration blocks

I've crafted a Grindstone, now what?
Now, to actually use a Grindstone you will need to have one of the aforementioned items in your inventory, and right click the Grindstone to open its menu:

The Grindstone's Menu

In our example here, we've placed an enchanted golden sword into the top slot, and the Grindstone is already offering to remove the enchantment off this sword. If this is all you wanted to do, you would just simply click the sword on the slot to the very right, and it will even give you a bit of experience points back in return.

If we wanted to repair this sword, we would need a second golden sword to combine the two together, like so:

Combining two golden swords into one, adding the durability of each to the final result

Keep in mind...

When utilizing the Grindstone to repair items, the resulting item will not retain any of its prior enchantments. To keep enchantments, you need to use an Anvil. The trade-off however, is that this process does not require any experience levels!
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