This article should explain what the PebbleHost Preinstalls are and how they work so that you understand how to use them correctly.

Utility Scripts

The utility scripts allow you to quickly perform actions on your server such as checking what's using your server's storage, or removing all Dynmap files. The full list can be found on the panel if you click the Utilities dropdown.

These are available for all servers, all you need to do is restart the server for this to apply.

Modpack Preinstalls

The Preinstalls are modpacks or server versions that can be easily installed with a few clicks. The full list can be found on the panel if you click the Preinstalls dropdown.

If you are on a Premium Service then you get full access to these and can use them whenever you want.

If you are not on a Premium service then you can get the Modpack add-on available here and then you will have full access to the preinstall menu

Please also note that if a PreInstall for a modpack isn't listed but you still want it installed, you can get the add-on and open a ticket with us on our Billing Panel and provide a link. As long as the modpack has a server download, we will be able to install it for you.

Preinstalls require the server to have no files in it for them to run. This means that you will need to remove any files from the service first before running a Preinstall

If you have an excessive amount of files you can use the Server Reset pre-install or you can just delete the ops.json file and then try to run the pre-install. Please note, the pre-install will remove any remaining files form the service

After your service is empty, you can select a pre-install from the menu, apply it then start the server and it should run and setup. If it doesn't work you can check your console for any errors and contact us for further support

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