All our Premium Minecraft plans come with access to our modpack and build pre-installer for free! Our pre-installer offers access to various modpacks and builds to use on your server.

Before starting your preinstall

Click "FTP File Access" and log into FTP
Delete your "pebblehost.yml" file

Accessing and using the Preinstaller:

Open your Premium Minecraft service on Multicraft,
Click the "Advanced" tab:

Click "Preinstalls":

Select a modpack or build to install:

Click "Apply":

**WARNING: Using the preinstaller will WIPE all your server files. Take a local backup before using the preinstaller and then upload whatever you need back into the server.**

("The Classic Pack" by Pulz can be installed for FREE on Budget servers, simply open a ticket requesting it here! For premium servers use the preinstaller.)
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