What is Aqua Affinity?

Aqua Affinity is a enchantment that increases the speed of mining underwater, however it is important to note that you will still receive a debuff if you are not standing on a solid block, such as swimming while mining a block. This enchantment can only be applied to helmets, turtle shells, or books using a enchantment table. With this enchantment you should have the speed of mining on land but underwater. In Minecraft normally a enchantment will have multiple levels, however similar to mending this enchantment does not have levels to it.

How do you obtain the Aqua Affinity enchantment?

This enchantment can be obtained through the enchantment table, by placing a book, helmet or turtle shell in the enchantment slot along with lapis lazuli. Another way to get this enchantment is by finding it in the world as loot in a naturally generated structure. Finally you can also receive this book from villagers, as long as the villager is a librarian, you can then trade with the villager that has this enchanted book, to receive it.

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