How does the affiliate program work?
Upon registering as an affiliate you will be given your own unique affiliate link. You can provide that link to anyone you know that might want services with us, Feel free to also post this on social media such as Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and of course, Discord. When someone decides to place an order with us and pay using your link you will be provided with a 20% commission on their initial purchase.

For Example:
Let's say that someone purchased a Budget 10GB Minecraft Server using your affiliate link, which costs $10.00, This means that you will get $2.00 in affiliate earnings from their purchase (20% of $10.00)

How do I sign up?
Head to our billing panel (
Click "Affiliates" (Here)
Press "Activate Affiliate Account"

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do I find my affiliate link?
A: Your affiliate link can be found on the Affiliates page in our billing panel right on top of the page. Click Here

Q: Can I use a URL shortener or a custom domain/link for my affiliate link?
A: Unfortunately not. This is against our TOS and the FTC's Endorsement Guidelines.

Q: I just referred someone, but I can’t withdraw my commission for it?
A: There is a 14-day delay from when someone purchases our service using your link and when you can withdraw that commission. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities.
On your Affiliates page you will see two related balances:
Commissions Pending Maturation - This is the amount that is still within the 14 days waiting period.
Available Commissions Balance - This is the amount that can be withdrawn at your request.

Q: Can I withdraw the money to PayPal?
A: Unfortunately not, the affiliates program only pays out to PebbleHost Account Credit.
If you're interested in becoming a partner whereby you can withdraw to PayPal, Please submit a ticket here

Q: Is there an affiliates bonus available for all products?
A: No, We only payout commissions for Web, Discord Bot Hosting, Minecraft and Game hosting.
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