PayPal Subscriptions:

PayPal Subscriptions allow you to automatically pay for your service every month. You do not need to worry about paying the invoice in time anymore!

Setting up PayPal Subscriptions

When you next get an invoice for your service (14 days before expiry), open the invoice and click "PayPal Subscribe".
When using "PayPal Subscribe" PayPal requires you to have either a credit card, debit card, or bank account associated with your account.

Once you set up your subscription, PayPal will automatically send the required amount every time your server is due for payment.
If you upgrade/downgrade your server, the amount sent will not change. Follow the instructions below to remove the subscription then re-make it.

NOTE: You MUST cancel the subscription via PayPal when you cancel the service, otherwise it will continue to send payments.

To cancel a subscription:

Visit your PayPal home page.
Click "Settings"
Click "Payments"
Click "Manage Pre-approved Payments"
On the left-hand side, click PebbleHost.
Click "Cancel" then "Stop Direct Debits"
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