As some of you may have noticed we're migrating servers over to a brand new system for managing IPs and Ports.
For 99% of servers, this migration won't involve a single change and you won't notice a thing, although below are some changes that you may need to make if something is not quite working correctly.

If you've got any questions, feel free to open a ticket and we'll be able to happily assist you!

Votifier / Dynmap
The main change you'll need to make to your votifier is assigning a new IP/Port.

Go to the Additional Ports menu, by clicking either of the boxed options on your server's Multicraft page How to get to additional ports

Click Add Port on the left Add Port

The table will show your new port number, in this example my port would be 8178 Port 8178

You can repeat this in order to get a maximum of 3 additional ports

Configure your plugin to use the port number in it's config file. If the plugin asks for an IP address to bind to, this would be Then, the port will be accessible through your server's IP, for example if your server IP is then you will be able to access a plugin running on port 8178 through

If your Bungeecord server has recently been migrated onto the new system, you'll need to adjust your IP Whitelist settings to do so please run the following command on your HUB server:

ipwl debug
Once you've run that, Try joining the server and inside console it'll print a message similar to the following:
[Server] INFO [IPWhitelist] Player PebbleHost is connecting with IP : /

Once you've got that go ahead and run the following command on all your servers behind bungeecord:
ipwl addip <ip>
For example, since the connecting IP is in the example above, you would run
ipwl addip
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