Minecraft Stone Variants
Stone is arguably one of the most important building and crafting blocks in the game, used to make furnaces and ather aesthetic blocks such as stone bricks. Today we will take a look at obtaining the 3 main stone variants which are cobblestone, stone and smoothstone as well what they all can be used for.

Cobblestone is simply achieved by mining stone with a non silk touch pickaxe. Stone is usually found around 3-6 blocks underneath dirt in the overworld, mining a few blocks down and you will find this abundent layer of normal stone to get as much as cobblestone as you need.

With cobblestone you can now make some of the most fundemental blocks in Minecraft, a furnace. A furnace is used to smelt down ores and other blocks to extract the raw material so we can use it to craft more interesting items.

Other blocks you can make include cobblestone slabs, stairs, levers and many more items that you can place around your build.


Stone is the actual block you mine when you receive cobblestone, without a silk touch pickaxe, when we break stone it becomes a little more broken and chiseled into cobblestone and hence the texture that we see. Not a problem at all though as we can just simply just convert cobblestone back to stone with one simple step. We take our furnace that we crafted using our cobblestone and place it. Inside the menu, we need to provide some fuel (otherwise how would it smelt our materials) which can be any type of wood such as sticks, coal or even coal blocks. Fuel goes in the bottom left slot which is then used to light the furnace when we place our material into the top left position.

Now we have our very first piece of stone in our inventory, now you may be wondering what uses does it have. Well it's a fundemental building block for most other blocks which include stone pressure plates, buttons, chiselled stone, stone bricks and even blocks such as a saw mill which can be used to turn one block into one slab for example.

Smooth Stone
This block is one of the oldest going all the way back to classic Minecraft. Although, it doesn't have many primary uses, it's a very pleasing block to use in your creations and builds across your world. But the question is, how do we make it? Again, it's a very simple process, we just repeat what we did with cobblestone and stone except we place the stone in the top part of the furnace as well and that is all it takes.

It's generally more aesthetically pleasing with a lighter gray and clear outline around the block, we can see why so many people enjoy it in their builds. Apart from that, it can be used for crafting a things such as smooth stone slabs or even a blast furnace which is used for smelting ores even faster than a regular furnace.

Smooth Stone slabs are also a point to mention, we craft them like any other slab which is 3 smooth stone in a row which will get you 6 smooth stone slabs, your other alternative is to use a saw mill as mentioned earlier to use 1 smooth stone to return only one slab instead of 6. Now when placing smooth stone slabs, unlike other slabs, they won't combine to become a single block but instead create the impression of 2 slabs lying on top of each other, take a look!


The crafting recipes are infinite, they can all be used in builds to create different impressions whether thats a medieval castle to a modern house, these are all very important blocks to remember to aid you on your journey in your Minecraft world, let's end this by seeing all the blocks side by side!

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