Using our PHPMyAdmin interface, you can easily import and export databases in order to store backups on your local machine, or transfer data between your databases. Doing so only requires access to our PHPMyAdmin interface.

Step 1. Accessing our PHPMyAdmin interface:

Before staring on the export process, you need to log into our PHPMyAdmin interface. To do so, follow the steps below:
Log in to your Multicraft account.
Navigate to the 'Servers' tab and select the relevant server.
Select 'MySQL Database':

Click the link to the Administration Page - it should automatically log you in.:

After following the above steps, you'll be taken to the PHPMyAdmin panel. Here, you can edit your MySQL database configuration.

Step 2. Exporting the contents of the database:

Click on your database, as seen below:

Click on 'Export' in the top menu bar:

Select 'Quick' and click 'Go':

A .sql file will be downloaded to your computer. Now you can continue on to the import section of the guide.

Step 3. Importing to a new database:

Click on the 'Import' button inside of the new databases' PHPMyAdmin:

Click 'Choose File':

Select the previously downloaded file through file explorer:

Click 'Go':

And that's it! Ensure that your database doesn't contain any tables with the same names as your import, and your data will be imported. If you're unsure about any of the steps, feel free to reach out to us via a ticket on our Discord or billing panel.
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