WinSCP is an alternative to FileZilla that can be used for remotely accessing your server's files.

Installing WinSCP

Head over to WinSCP's website at then select the "Download WinSCP" button (make sure not to select any of the adverts).

Then, run through the installer dialog, accepting the default options

Configuring WinSCP

When you open WinSCP a dialogue box will open asking you to enter your login details. Select 'New Site' on the left-hand side.
Inside your panel, go to the File Manager page, then to the FTP Client Details page in the sidebar:

Open Filezilla. On the top, you should see a 'Quick Connect' bar.
Enter your gamepanel password into the 'Password' box.

Set the 'File Protocol' to 'FTP' and the 'Encryption' to 'TLS/SSL Explicit encryption'.
In the 'Host Name' box enter the FTP URI from the gamepanel.
In the 'Password' box enter your gamepanel password.
Here's an image to show where each gamepanel value corresponds to:

From here, select 'Save' and enter a name for your server.
Select 'Login' and roam your server files.
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