You may want to use a custom map on your Rust server rather than generating one, follow the steps below to setup a custom map!

Installing the RustEdit Oxide mod
Some maps require the RustEdit Oxide mod, so you will need to install that first.

Navigate to your Rust server's file manager on the game panel.

Click on Upload then From URL.

Copy and paste into the textbox that appears, then hit upload.

Setting up the custom map
Rust loads custom maps by downloading them from URLs, so you will need a direct download link to the map in order to use it on your Rust server.

Navigate to your Rust Server settings on the panel.

Paste your direct download link to the map in the Custom Level URL option.

Save and reboot the server.

Your Rust server should now load the custom map, if you encounter any issues or need further assistance please open a ticket on our Discord or Billing panel and we'd be happy to help you there!

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