With each new Minecraft update there's always things added that everyone wants to enjoy, but on an old world you may not be able to experience it like on a new world. Upgrading/updating your world allows chunk generation to have new features of Minecraft that you wouldn't have had without the update.

How to update your world

First you'll want to login to the PebbleHost game panel to access your server. This is where you can manage your servers, edit configurations, and so on. Once you've logged in, you'll want to click the owned service you are looking to upgrade.

Once you've entered the server area, you'll want to look for the "PebbleHost Loader" tab on the left hand side.

After entering this tab, look for the option "Upgrade between Versions of Minecraft using the --forceUpgrade flag." and set it to "Enabled" instead of "Disabled".

When you set this to Enabled now you'll want to click "Save", go back to the main page of your server, and select the jar file you now want to update to.
In this case, it's being updated from 1.15.2 to the 1.16 snapshot.

Once the version has been changed you can now restart your server and the world your server is running on has now been updated to the correct version.
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