In this article, we'll guide you through the process of updating your vanilla-bedrock server on your shared Minecraft hosting service.

Step 1 - Ensuring your files and data are safe in case of issues with the update. (Optional)

With this step, we're going to make sure that if the update somehow affects your world or data, you can revert the changes made as needed.

To do this, you'll need to create a backup. You have two ways of accomplishing this.

Firstly is through our Dedicated backups system, explained in our guide here.

Please make sure you have backups purchased on your plan for the above step; if you're on a Premium/Extreme service, you will have backups by default; if on Budget, you will need to double-check that you've purchased backups for your plan to make use of the restoration/export feature.

The alternative to using our own backups system is our File Manager/FTP that allows you to download your files manually.

In this article, we'll go over this with the File Manager. For this, you'll need to go to your game control panel once more; once there, you'll need to click on the left-hand side panel "File Manager" as shown here:

Once you've loaded that page, you'll see some checkboxes on the left side with all your files listed; please click the checkbox at the very top as shown here:

You can then head over to the "Download" button and click it.
That will request a download of all files that are currently on the server, do note, this will take some time to compress & then provide you with the download link. as shown here:

Please do not leave the page at that time until completed.

Step 2 - Applying the update.

Once your files are secure, you're now ready to get the new update installed.

From the control panel, you will now want to click on the "console" page as shown here:

Once there, you'll want to click the "Restart" button in the top-right of that page.

Clicking that restart button will process a stop and subsequent start of your server.

Do not leave the page during this restart; make sure to keep an eye on the console.

After some time has passed, it will prompt you in the console with the following message:

Once you see this message, you'll want to type "yes" into the console and hit the enter key; doing so will begin the update process for your vanilla-bedrock server.

Once completed, you are free to join and play on the latest bedrock version.

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