OpenVPN is a great way to be able to mask your IP address and secure your connection, which means any websites you go to visit or any servers you join would not see your real IP but would actually see PebbleHost's IP address.

Installing OpenVPN

Log into your dedicated server via SSH
Run the command wget -O && bash to install the latest version of OpenVPN
It should give a number of options to select what protocols and settings to setup as the VPN server, if you are unsure, you can use all the defaults suggested.

Downloading the profile

Download an FTP Client such as:
Enter the following details to login:
Host: sftp://"The machines IP address"
Username: root
Password: Your root SSH password.
Download the .ovpn file by dragging it from the right window to the left to begin the download.

Download and install OpenVPN on your computer

Download OpenVPN for your computer here:
Select File and then navigate to the file you downloaded.
Save and then you can connect by turning it on by clicking the grey dot.

Now you can safely browse the internet as you wish while connected to your vpn.
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