You will need at least 2 servers to setup Votifier for Bungeecord.

Installing Votifier on all servers including Bungeecord

You will need to download Votifier from here. Once that is done upload Votifier to your plugins folder for all your servers. If you do not know how to upload a plugin please follow this guide
Restart your servers to generate the configuration files so that you can configure Votifier.
On each of your backend servers, open the Votifier configuration modify the host and port to follow this example.
port: The one given by following the additional port guide above (Do not leave this at the default value, you need to use the port assigned to you)

You will need to create an additional port on all your servers. If you do not know how to do so please follow this guide.

Installing NuVotifier onto Bungeecord
In your Bungeecord Votifier configuration file edit the forwarding method to use proxy for example
Forwarding method example
Next go to the bottom of the configuration file and modify the server to proxy votes to. These servers would be your Spigot servers such as your Hub server. Use the actual IP for each backend server, and for each server use the additional port which is designated in it's own configuration file. The server Token to use is located in each server's Votifier configuration file.
Servers to proxy votes example
Here is what an example Bungeecord Votifier configuration may look like.
Bungeecord Votifier configuration example

Setting up a listener

You are now finished configuring Votifier, however, you must install a listener for Votifier to give rewards to players. Without one, Votifier won't do anything. To set up a listener on your Spigot server, just follow these steps.

For this example, we will be using SuperbVote.
Download the version that matches your server version and upload it to the plugins directory on your server.
Restart the server to load the configuration files.
Navigate to the folder: /plugins/SuperbVote/ and open the config.yml file.
Edit the settings to whatever you want to give your players when they vote. You can make it run any command on your server.
Save the config.yml file.
Restart your server one last time.
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