This guide will show you how to set up a scheduled task, to make Multicraft run a command at a predetermined interval.

Setting up a scheduled task

Open your server in Multicraft and select Advanced > Scheduled Tasks on the side-menu. Go to Scheduled Tasks in the side-menu of the panel
Select New Task on the side-menu.
Configure the settings as described below
Create the task

Configurable Options

Name: Choose a name for your task
Status: If you set this to paused the task will be inactive and will not run, if you set this to scheduled then the task will be active.
Scheduled Time: If you have ticked the Interval box, this will be the the time at which the interval will start - for example if you set the scheduled time to tomorrow at 7pm and the interval is hourly the task will trigger tomorrow at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, continuing on. If you haven't ticked the Interval box, this is the time at which the task will trigger, and it will only trigger once.
Interval: If you tick this, the task will repeat at the interval you set, for example if you choose for the interval to be 1 hour, it will run every hour starting at the Scheduled Time
Command: In here you can choose what the task will do, for example Restart will restart your server, Start will start it if you're stopped. Please see below on how to create a custom command.
Arguments: Certain commands require arguments, for example the Admin Say command takes the message as an argument. In this box you can insert all the arguments a particular command requires.
Run For: If this is something like Admin Say where it uses the name of who ran it in the message, you can select who should "run" the command here out of yourself, any subusers and the server.

Creating a custom command

Go to the commands section in the side-menu of Multicraft
Select Create Command on the side-menu.
Choose a Name for the command
You can leave the two dropdowns and Chat and Response blank
Inside Run type the command you wish for Console to run
Click Create
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