You can use RCON on your Ark server using a tool named ARKON. In this article, we are going to use the server IP of You will need to replace this with your own server's IP.

How to set up RCON on your Ark: Survival Evolved Server

Open your server on the Pebblehost Game Panel

Select Ark Server Settings on the left of the panel

Change or take note of the Admin Password (If you change the password, make sure to use a secure password)

Restart your server

How to setup ARKON

Firstly download the latest version of ARKON using the following link

You will need to extract ARKON to be able to use it, extract it to its own folder on your PC and run the file ARKon.exe

Select the Settings tab at the top and set the following:

Config Name - This can be anything you would like
Server IP - this will be the IP of your server in our care it will be
RCON Port - Can be found under the console page
Chat name - The name in which shows on the in game chat

Once set click Save and then Connect at the bottom of the ARKON window

The square in the bottom of ARKON should now turn green and show Connected, if it does not and you have checked all your setting are correct please contact our support using either our Disocrd or our Billing system
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