What are automatic redirects?

Automatic redirects allow you to make it so that if somebody types your minecraft subdomain into their web browser they are redirected to your site.


If you have the subdomain play.example.com and a website accessible at example.com, you can use this feature to make it so that if a user types play.example.com into their web browser, they are sent to example.com

How to set redirects up

Firstly ensure you've followed our domain setup guide - you should have an A record pointing to the IP of your server without the port, and if you don't have a dedicated IP you should have an SRV record set up. For this example, the server is at play.example.com, replace this in each step with your own domain.

How your records should look

Visit http://play.example.com - if you're redirected to the Pebblehost website proceed to the next step, if not please ensure you've got the records set up as described above. Checking that your DNS records are set up correctly

Log into the game panel, and on the left hand side, click Pebblehost Loader

In the Redirect from box, put play.example.com

In the Redirect to box, put the address of your server's website - this can be exampleserver.enjin.com, example.com, store.example.com etc.

Restart your server.

Visit http://play.example.com, you should now see your server's website rather than Pebblehost's.
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