Dynmap is a google-maps like software that runs on your server and allows you to have an overview of your server's worlds. To install this handy tool, follow these simple steps.

Download the version of Dynmap that matches your server version from this link and upload it to the plugins directory on your server. Uploading Dynmap
Restart your server to generate the configuration files so that you can configure Dynmap.
Navigate to the folder: /plugins/dynmap/ and open the configuration.txt file.
[Optional] Create a MySQL database inside Multicraft then copy the information into the config like shown - make sure to remove the # from the start of the line: Setting up MySQL
Make a port by following this guide: How to add an additional port
Scroll through the configuration and look for the option that says webserver-port (NOT the mysql port at the top, the webserver-port option around line 318). Change the port to the port you were assigned by following the guide in step 5. Changing the port
Save the configuration.txt file and upload it to your server.
Restart your server. Dynmap will now use your chosen port. If you get an error stating that the port is taken, choose a different port.
Finally, go through the rest of the configuration to edit the map to suit your needs.

Once you have done this, Head to your servers IP colon the port you set in the configuration.txt file in your browser, This will look something like 123.345.54.34:8111, if you were given the port 8111.
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