Cloudflare is a free DNS management and web DDOS protection service that allows you to create, edit, and delete DNS records through their interface. This is helpful due to the fact that some domain registrars might not offer a good management interface, or may not support certain features such as SRV records.

How to set up Cloudflare

Go to and click Sign Up, and enter your email and choose a password
It should then ask which domain you wish to set up, in here you'll need to enter your domain for example
Choose the Free plan
Delete any DNS records you see on the next page, most often these are the default ones from your Domain Registrar, that do not do anything useful
Use the "Default" method to allow your domain to use their nameservers
The next step is to change your nameservers on your DNS registrar. This will depend on which registrar you use, but with Namecheap the option is here. You need to change them to the ones Cloudflare gives you:

You'll then just need to continue on with the Cloudflare set up process, it should detect when the nameservers are switched over and you should then be taken to the Cloudflare management page.

Once you have Cloudflare set up, you'll be able to continue on to the "DNS" section at the top to add DNS records. We have some guides on our Knowledgebase as to how to configure DNS:

How to connect a domain to your server
Connecting your domain to your web service
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