If you're using Forge on 1.12.2 or under, please see our guide on using Lag Goggles instead as it'll give you an easier to understand output.

The Forge Debug Profiler tool is a simple to use tick profiling tool introduced in later versions of Forge that can help you find what may be causing lag or TPS loss on your Forge Modded server without the use of an external mod as this comes ready to go with later versions of Forge.

Running the profiler.

For this tool to work, you need to be running a compatible forge version, most versions after 1.12 should be good to go.
Start the debug by running the /debug start command or debug start from console.
Wait at least 10 minutes before the next step.
After the 10 minutes has passed, run the /debug stop command or debug stop from console and ensure it tells you that it has stopped.
Now, proceed to your server files via FTP, you'll see a debug folder in your main server files, inside there will be your debug profile you just generated.

Reading the profiler.

When it comes to reading the debug profiler, it can seem a little overwhelming, but be rest assured, it's pretty simple once you understand the basic concept.
At the top it first tells you how long in milliseconds it was running and how many ticks ran in that time, in the columns from the left to right, it's as follows:

With this information, you can now proceed to squash any TPS related issues your Forge Server may be having without the use of an external mod.
If you need any assistance reading the debug report, feel free to open a Billing or Discord ticket; send us the debug report generated and we'll look into how best you can deal with the lag.
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