This article will cover our refund policy, and how to request a refund.

Am I able to get a refund?

Our refund policy applies to new servers purchased less than 72 hours ago. You can also receive a refund on PayPal overpayments, in most circumstances.
It does not cover completed addons, service renewals, dedicated servers, or upgrades. Additionally, payments processed via PayGol cannot be refunded.

If you're not sure, it's recommended to open a billing ticket so we can check for you. Details about that can be found below.

How to get a refund

Do not make a PayPal Dispute / Chargeback, or a cancellation request, as this will greatly slow down the process of requesting a refund. Simply open a billing ticket and our team will be more than happy to check. This may take a little longer to be replied to as it has to be dealt with by a member of our billing team, however don't worry as we count the refund window from when you open the ticket, not from when we see the ticket.

How long will it take to be processed, and where will I see the refund?

PayPal has a guide on their knowledgebase showing this more in detail, you can find the guide here. You will see the refund in whichever PayPal account you paid with, we cannot refund it to a different PayPal account than was originally used for the purchase.
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