How to mount your own ISO using KVM

You can use our video tutorial here:


A dedicated server (can be ordered HERE)
An ISO file, in this example I will be using Ubuntu 20
Java, this is needed for the KVM, a guide to learn how to use KVM can be found HERE

First we will head over to and log into our account
Select Hardware from the menu
Select your server

Check under Power Controls that there is a Client Username and Client Password
If there is a Client Username and Client Password skip this next step
Select create next to Client Username

Select Launch KVM (note that you will need to follow this guide HERE if you get a security warning)

Once the KVM Viewer has loaded select Virtual Media then Virtual Storage


Select ISO File from the Logical Drive Type and then Open Image

Once you have selected your ISO file next select Plug in

Now go back to the dedicated server control panel and under Power Control select the Power drop down and then Cold Reboot

In the KVM Viewer when you see the supermicro logo press F11 multiple times until you see the Enter Password prompt and enter the password password

Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight and select IPMI Virtual CDROM

And you are done!
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