Where can I do this?

First, you'll need to join our discord server to link your discord and Multicraft, unfortunately at this time we don't have a feature implemented where you can invite it to one of your servers. You can join it here: Pebblehost Discord

How can I link my account?

Once on our server you can type the following command:

While we prefer you do it in our #botspam channel which is used for a majority of bot commands, this command can be executed in any channel.
After executing this command a channel will open up that will look something like this: #ticket-link-0000

Upon seeing this channel you will want to go inside the channel and at the top there will be instructions you'll need to follow that will look similar to this:

Link your account
@YourDiscordTag Use -link within this channel to link your account to our panel!
Usage: -link {email address} {API-Key}

If you're unsure how to get an API Key here is how:
Go to "Profile"

Click "Generate API Key"

What features does this include?

Allows you to view your servers via discord! There are a few commands you can execute for special features such as:

-servers (View a list of all your active servers)
-server {server} (View details about a specific server)
-start {server} (Start a specific server)
-stop {server} (Stop a specific server)
-restart {server} (Restart a specific server)

It also allows our staff to easily view your servers to provide quicker assistance in discord tickets!
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