There are two different ways to join your Valheim server directly via IP, as well as you can also find it in the public server list.

How to join via Steam

Open your Steam client
Click "View" > "Servers":

Click over to the "Favorites" tab and then select "Add a Server" which will show a pop-up with an option for the server IP address:

Enter your server's IP, however make sure to change the port from 2456 to 2457 as the Steam port is different to the Game port:

Click "Add Selected Game Server To List" then close the box.
Click the server in the list and click "Connect"

It may ask for a server password, if it does, then enter the password from the main homepage of your server:

How to join in-game via Valheim

Start your Valheim game
Go to "Join Game" then press "Join IP":

Enter your server's Query IP (this should end in :2456)

Click Connect and you will be asked for the Server Password. Enter the password from the main homepage of your server:

You should be connected to the Valheim server

Have any problems?

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