This article covers both our Rust and Ark hosting, since both use Steam to manage connecting to servers and playing online.

Joining via the server list
By default, your server should show up with the name you give it in the server settings page - for Rust servers simply go to Rust Server Settings in the sidebar and pick a name, and for Ark: SE go to Ark Server Settings, where you can also choose a name.
Restart your server and make sure to leave some time for Steam to recognise that you have changed the name - this can take between half an hour to an hour.
You should then be able to search for it in the list - for Rust servers make sure you've selected Modded as by default all servers are installed with Oxide therefore are classed as modded. For Ark servers, make sure you adjust the Server Type to include unofficial servers.

If you have any issues with the server not showing up in the list, feel free to open a ticket and our team can take a look for you.

Joining via Direct IP
If you're having any trouble joining via the server list, or you just wish for easier access to your server, you can add the direct IP to your favorites in Steam.

Go to Steam, then go to View > Servers

Click Add a Server, then enter the IP address of your server as shown on the panel, then click Find games at this address.

You should see the server appear alongside the Game, Player count, Map, and Latency. If you select Add selected game server to favorites then your server will be added to your Steam favorites, ready for you to join at any time! You can then access it in game from the Favorites page in the server list.
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