How to install PHP on CentOS 8

If you have installed your server with anything other then CentOS 8 please open a support ticket before following this guide, following this guide on any of our preinstalls or other OS choices can result in server errors that may cause irreparable errors

You will need to SSH into your dedicated server using the following guide How to SSH into your Dedicated Server
This guide assumes you are logged into your server as root

Installing REMI repo
yum install epel-release yum-utils
yum install

Accept any prompts using y

Installing PHP

You may have multiple versions of PHP installed so to check this we can run the following command:
yum module list php

The output will show a list of all available modules, including the associated stream, version, and installation profiles.

The default PHP module is set to PHP 7.2. To install a newer PHP release, enable the appropriate version:

PHP 7.3

dnf module reset php
dnf module enable php:remi-7.3

PHP 7.4

dnf module reset php
dnf module enable php:remi-7.4

You are now ready to install PHP on your CentOS server.

The following command will install PHP and some of the most common PHP modules:

dnf install php php-opcache php-gd php-curl php-mysqlnd

FPM is installed as a dependency and used as a FastCGI server. Start the FPM service and enable it to automatically start on boot:

systemctl enable --now php-fpm
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