Oxide plugins can add useful commands and extra gameplay to Rust, if you want to install Oxide plugins to your server you can do so easily through our Oxide Plugin Manager!

How to install Oxide plugins
You can find the list of available plugins on https://umod.org/plugins?categories=rust - you can search around and browse the list for any plugins you'd like to install.
Click onto the plugin's page, then to the dropdown next to Download, then click Copy URL

Go to the Oxide Plugin Manager on the panel and put the link into the URL bar, then click Install Plugin
Reboot the server, you should see the plugin being installed in console. If there's any errors, feel free to contact our support team to have this looked into!

I get an error that says the server hasn't been started yet
This happens when the loader has not yet installed Oxide, and the file into which the panel installs plugins, therefore you will need to reboot the server for this to be generated. If the installer page still won't load, please try logging into FTP via FileZilla and deleting the .pebblehostgame file. If that doesn't resolve the issue then please contact support.
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