First, download NamelessMC from here.
Downloading NamelessMC

Upload the files to your webs server's public_html via FTP or the cPanel File Manager. If you are unsure how to access FTP using an FTP client please follow this guide.

Extract the zip file using the cPanel File Manager.
Extracting Zip File

For step 5 you will need to create a MySQL database with your web server to do so please follow this guide here

Now proceed to go to the install.php on domain for example "". If you do not know how to point a domain to your web server please follow this guide. Note: Remember to input the details for your web server and MySQL database the details - the GIF below shows how to do it.
Installing NamelessMC

The installation is complete, simply connect to your website using "" and logging in with your admin account you created.
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