This article will explain how you can install Forge onto your Minecraft client! This will allow you to use run mods such as Optifine, or any other custom mods!

How to install Forge to the official Minecraft client

Go to your normal Minecraft launcher and head to the Installations tab

The forge install won't work if you haven't ran the Minecraft version before, for example if you want to install Forge 1.15.2, you'll need to have ran Minecraft 1.15.2 beforehand. In this guide I'll be installing Forge 1.8.8 therefore I'm going to click New, then add a 1.8.8 version, and then I will click Play so that all the files get downloaded.
Go to, select the version you wish to installed, specifically choose the Windows Installer

Make sure not to click the advertisements, you'll want to click the Skip button in the top right

Run the file you've downloaded
When this box appears, choose to Install client then click OK

Once the downloads finish, you should see the new Forge profile in your launcher, you can click "Play" to run it

Adding Mods

Go to the search bar on the bottom left of your computer and search for %appdata%. Select the folder that comes up.
Double click the folder called .minecraft
In there you should see a mods folder, where you can add or remove mods.

Installing MultiMC

MultiMC is a great tool which allows you to much more easily manage multiple profiles and keep the mods folders separate. It also allows you to easily switch between multiple accounts.

Head over to and hit the download for your platform.
Extract the downloaded ZIP and move the folder to somewhere like your Documents or your Desktop.
Go into the folder, right clcik on MultiMC.exe and click Create Shortcut

You can then drag this shortcut to your Desktop for ease of access.
Open the file and follow the basic setup steps.
Go to the top right, and under Profiles select Manage Accounts then add your account.

Click Add Instance and create a game instance - you can create as many as you want

Installing Forge onto MultiMC

Right click on the Instance and Edit Instance.
Go to the version tab, and click Install Forge

Choose the Forge version you would like
Go to the Loader Mods tab, here you can drag in any mods you would like to use.
Click Launch and you will be launched into the game with those mods.
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