This article will explain how you can install Fabric onto your Minecraft client! This will allow you to use and run mods to play along with your friends!

How to install Fabric

Head to the Fabric site ( and download the installer ready to install the client.
Once you have downloaded the installer, double click the file to open it and begin installing Fabric.
At the top of the launcher, please ensure you have selected the Client tab as this is the version we are installing.
Fabric Installer
Select the version you want to be installed and make sure to click Create Profile as this will make a profile in the Minecraft launcher so you're able to install it.
Click Install and wait for the installation to be completed, you should see the following message once done:
Install Complete
As you may notice, the launcher gives a warning about a mod that you will need to install in order for most mods to work, please see below under Adding Mods for a guide on how to do this.
Once the downloads finish, you should see the new Fabric profile in your launcher, you can click "Play" to run it
Fabric Profile

Adding Mods

Go to the search bar on the bottom left of your computer and search for %appdata%. Select the folder that comes up.
Double click the folder called .minecraft
In there you should see a mods folder, where you can add or remove mods.
Download the following mod:
Move the downloaded file into the mods folder you just located to complete the install.
Installed Mod
Restart your game!

Now you can add and remove mods as you wish to play with your friends or use mods such as Simple Voice Chat.
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