Lag Goggles is a tool used to detect what might be causing lag on your forge modded server, like timings, it identifies lag within your world and mods, with this information, you can help to resolve any issues you may have had.

Downloading and installing Lag Goggles.

Firstly, make sure your server is running a compatible forge modded version, Lag Goggles currently supports 1.10 - 1.12.2
Once you've made sure of that, we need to download Lag Goggles to our server and client; go to -, download the latest release for your version; make sure to also install the dependency on both client and server if you're running on 1.12+

Monitoring lag issues with Lag Goggles.

Once in your server, you'll want to set a hotkey for lag goggles to open, so jump into your settings>controls and look for the "LagGoggles" section where you'll find an option to bind the gui menu to a button, make sure that you bind it to something that isn't already in use (it'll show up as red if in use)

Now, use that toggle key to open the GUI and set the profile time for at least 30 seconds by scroll wheeling on top of the button now, press the button to begin profiling.

When this is done, you'll see blocks and entities light up in certain colors you'll want to keep an eye out for anything that's red or orange as these are high usage blocks that may cause lag issues on your server.
If you need any assistance reading the debug report, feel free to open a Billing or Discord ticket; click the "analyze results" button on the GUI, this will bring you to a page with all the highest usage objects or entities sorted to the top, we can then instruct you on how best to deal with the lag.
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