A Modpack is a way of adding additional content, features and game play improvements to your game without having to manually configure and tweak individual mods, you have many play styles and environments to choose from that creators have already got ready for you to explore, we'll be guiding you through the set up process of a Modpack on the client-side.

If you're looking to install the Modpack on the server, we already have a video guide on that process.
if you've already got a server Modpack, you'll want to install the same one on the client in order to join.

Installing a Modpack using the CurseForge launcher (Recommended for beginners)

When it comes to where you download your Modpack from, there's several sources you can choose from such as Curseforge directly, Technic Launcher, Voidswrath, MultiMC and others, we'll be recommending you first install a Modpack using the CurseForge Launcher as it has some of the most popular packs available and tends to be quite user friendly for beginners.

We'll need to start by downloading the CurseForge Launcher
Once you've signed in head over to the mods tab at the top and click on Minecraft.
Click "Browse Modpacks" and from there, you need to search for the Modpack you want to install.
Upon clicking install, you'll see it show up in "My Modpacks" initially it'll normally say installing and show what mod it is on, wait until it's finished installing and the play button will become available.
Click play and enjoy, if you've not signed into Minecraft before, Mojang will prompt you to log into your account at this stage.

Ensure you have the latest java version if nothing's happening after clicking play, download here.

Installing a Modpack using MultiMC

Compared to the CurseForge Launcher, MultiMC is a little less user friendly and requires some getting used to but is just as powerful, if not more.

We'll first need to download the latest version of MultiMC here
There's no installer for MultiMC, when downloaded, you need to extract it to a folder of your own choice, then run the .exe inside of it.
Go into the folder, right clcik on MultiMC.exe and click Create Shortcut

You can then drag this shortcut to your Desktop for ease of access.
Open the file and follow the basic setup steps.
When you've got MultiMC opened, you'll first want to click the "Profiles" then "Manage Accounts" in the top right of the launcher.

On the new page that opened, click "Add" in the top right and enter your logins details when prompted.

Return to the main window and click "Add Instance" in the top left
From here, you have the option of directly installing FTB legacy Modpacks, simply click "FTB Legacy" and select the one you wish to play with its version, then hit "ok"
But more importantly, you now have the option to import Modpacks via a ZIP, this allows you to directly download a lot of Modpack to MultiMC, you can grab Modpack ZIPs from their sources at websites like Curseforge
You additionally have the option of installing forge onto any compatible version directly via the Vanilla selector, we have a guide on this here.

Installing a Modpack using the Technic Launcher.

Start by first downloading the latest Technic Launcher here.
Once installed, you'll need to log into your Minecraft account when prompted.
Click "Modpacks" from there, you can type in the Modpack of your choice to install, simply click on the Modpack then click "Install" in the bottom right.
Simply click "play"

Installing a Modpack using the FTB Launcher

Download the FTB Launcher from https://www.feed-the-beast.com/
Find the pack you would like to play, and click Install

This will start the normal Minecraft launcher, where you can log in and click Play.

Installing a Modpack using the Voidswrath Launcher.

Download the latest version of the Voidswrath Launcher here
Log into your Minecraft account at the bottom of the Launcher.
Find the Modpack you wish to play in the "Modpacks" page, then click the "Play" button.

Issues regarding the Modpacks themselves should be directed at the authors, if you feel it's a server-side issue, please open a ticket on our discord or billing panel.

You've now installed a Modpack with the client of your choice.
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