An administrator can manage other players in-game for example by kicking or banning them. You can add an administrator through the file manager in your server.

Finding the Steam64 ID

To find the user's Steam64 ID, you will need to go to and enter the player's steam username / profile URL. Then, take the value that says SteamID64:

Adding the ID to the admin list

Head to the File Manager in your server:

Click onto the data folder then select adminlist.txt

In the file, on a new line enter the Steam64ID from earlier, for example to add user 76561100000000000 it would look like this:

Click "Save" in the top right hand corner to save the file
It should apply automatically as soon as this is saved

How to use Admin permissions

In-game, just press F5 to load up the console. In here you can enter commands. All commands are based on the SteamID64 as explained in the "Finding the Steam64 ID" section earlier.

banned - Shows you a list of banned users
ban <SteamID64> - Bans a user
kick <SteamID64> - Kicks a user
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