Java Edition

Things you'll need

Minecraft Java account

Access to the account via the minecraft website

An idea of what kind of skin you want

Where to find skins

There are many websites where you can find tons of skins that will suit your wants. Here is a small list of recommended websites:

How to put a skin on your account

Sign in to your Minecraft account at
After signing into your account there will be a sidebar on the left hand side with a few choices, you'll want to select "Skin".

Now go to your website of choice and look for a skin you like. I've chosen to use
Some websites may have the feature of directly uploading it to your Minecraft account, however for this guide we are going to download the skin and upload it manually.
Once you find the skin you want you'll want to click the "Download" button to download it to your PC

After its been downloaded to your PC go back to your Minecraft account and click the "Select a File" button to now upload your skin.
Once you've found the file and selected it, you should see something similar to the image below and you'll want to hit "Upload"

Congratulations! You've now gotten a skin on your Minecraft Java Edition account.
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