Recently we have added the ability to use /restart. We did not add this before due to the use of scripts, but now you can enable /restart via Multicraft. We also have a plugin to allow you to easily automatically restart your server daily and notify users beforehand.

NOTICE: Everything on this article requires Spigot (or a fork of Spigot such as Paper, TacoSpigot, etc)

Enabling /restart:

Go to your server on our Panel (
Go to "PebbleHost Loader"

Change the option "Automatic Reboots using /restart" to "Enabled" and click "Save"

Restart your server

Nothing showing when you click PebbleHost loader? Restart your server then repeat the above steps.

Setting up daily restarts:

We have a plugin by our staff to enable you to restart your server daily and warn users before the restart. You can find it here:

Install TimedRestart (linked above). Here's a guide on how to do that if you do not know.
Restart your server.
Open the /plugins/TimedRestart/config.yml file.
Set the time you'd like the server to restart (in 24-hour clock format)
Set the time-zone you'd like to use (find a full list here)

Edit the list of warnings to when you'd like them to notify users. It is done in the format of <secondsBeforeRestart>:<message>

Messages allow colour codes with the & symbol.
Seconds must be a whole number and can go up to 86400 (1 day)
Save the file and upload it to your server and restart!
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