How to enable cheats on your ARK server

In this guide we will learn how to enable cheats on your server so you can get on with what you need. This is mainly for users that aren't on Steam and can't be added via the Admin List section on the panel. If the user is on steam, we would recommend following our different guide:

Find and locate your admin password for the server in the panel. This can be found down the left hand side of the panel under Ark Server Settings.

Now, once you have loaded into your server on ARK, you will want to hit your console key. By default, this is the tab key but if you have changed the control, you will need to use your key.

Enter the following into the command bar: enablecheats <password> replacing <password> with the password in your Ark Server Settings page.

You've now succesfully enabled cheats on your server, why not go ahead and check out a list of useful commands to use here:
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