With any Pebblehost server you're able to create 1 free MySQL Database, more can be added via your server's billing panel. Here's how to add a database:

Creating a MySQL Database

In the sidebar of your server, go to the MySQL Database page

Click "Add Database" in the top right and fill in the database name - this must be lowercase letters only

Click the "Add" button to create the database. Your Host, Database Name, Username, and Password will all be displayed and can be used in plugins such as Dynmap or LuckPerms

Changing the password

If you're having issues with the database password or want to change it due to it being compromised, you have the option to change it which can be found under "More Information".


You can use PHPMyAdmin to see what's in your database, simply click the Administration Link for the database and you will be brought to a PHPMyAdmin page which can be used to manage the database.

By clicking on a database you can see it's tables, then you can click on each table to view it's contents. If you go to the Structure tab at the top, you can additionally see how much storage space each of the databases is taking up, under the "Size" column.

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