A billing sub user is a user with billing access to your account, unlike a panel sub user, you can choose to give this additional access to pay and view your invoices, top up credit, see product emails, modify and upgrade services and the ability to open billing tickets on your behalf if given the correct permissions to do so; they have full access to everything you do if required.

Only create a billing sub user for users you trust, if all they need is server access, create a panel sub user (How to add sub-users to your server)
Ensure the information you enter is accurate as this will be billing information.

Creating a billing sub user
To start, head to the Contacts page
Fill in the shown information for the user you plan on adding.
If all you want is a user to receive emails regarding billing information, you may configure the email preferences to your liking and save the changes here, otherwise if you want this user to have client area access or additional permissions, we'll show how to add in the next section.

Adding additional permissions
To add permissions for client area access and other above mentioned permissions, you'll want to click the "Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access"
From there, add the permissions required by the user being added, make sure to not give more than needed.
Set a password either by manually entering one or generating one randomly, then save.

You've now created a billing sub user.

Deleting a billing sub user
Start by heading to the same page we did in the first segment
From there, select the user you wish to delete at the top of the page beside "Choose contact"
Scroll down to the bottom of the page once selected, you'll see a "Delete Contact" button.

Make sure to confirm the deletion by clicking "Yes" afterwards.

You've now deleted a billing sub user and they'll no longer have access to the given permissions.
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