This article shows you how to join your Bedrock Edition server using the IP Address

Setting up a Microsoft Account

A Microsoft account is required for online play on all versions, additionally you'll need to be either over 18, or have approval from a parent's Microsoft account that's marked as in your Microsoft Family Account, to be able to join online games.

You'll first need to make sure you have a Microsoft / Xbox Account, you can check this by looking in the bottom left of the Launcher, and whether it shows you as needing to "Sign In"

If it is asking you to sign in, then you'll need to use your Microsoft account or sign up for one if you do not have this - it's a pretty simple process to sign up, requiring some basic things such as your Email Address.

Once signed in, you should see your username and skin appear on the right hand side of the page - - this means that you're logged in and ready to play online.

Joining the server

Simply press the Play button and click the "Servers" tab. You should see Minecraft's Sponsored Servers in the list already

Click "Add Server" and enter the Address and Port of the server in question. If you're using Pebblehost this should be shown in the "IP" section of the panel. The IP is the part before : and the port is the part after :. The Name of the server doesn't matter.

Click "Save" then click the new server to join it.


If you see this error:

Then that means something has gone wrong when joining the server. Generally to fix this, make sure you have the correct Server Address and Port (if you have a dedicated IP and would like the default port of 19132, then just open a ticket). Additionally, you can try rebooting the server or contacting support.

Enjoy your server!
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