You can connect a domain purchased from GoDaddy to your server very easily! Just follow the steps below very carefully and you will be able to join using the domain as the server IP. In this example, my domain is

How to find your server IP

First, go to your Minecraft panel and find the IP it shows on the panel:

If it says "Order Dedicated IP", this means you do not have a dedicated IP. If it says "(Dedicated IP)" this means you do have a dedicated IP.

Logging into GoDaddy's DNS

First, log into GoDaddy's control panel and go to "DNS" then "Manage Zones":

In the box that appears, start typing your domain, and click on it when it pops up:

Scroll down to "Records". Delete everything that has an edit icon next to it.

Click "Add", then set the type as "A"

For the "Host", put either:
play, which means players will connect with
mc, which means players will connect with
@, which means players will connect with

For the "Points To", put the part of your server IP before the :. For example, if the panel says your IP is, put in the Points to box.
If you have a Dedicated IP (see the "How to find your server IP" section), just put the entire IP.

So for this server IP:

You would put this into GoDaddy:
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