In this guide, we'll walk you through connecting a domain you have purchased from Namecheap to your server! For this guide, we'll use as an example domain.

Logging into the Namecheap control panel

Head over to Namecheap's website, and ensure that you're logged in from the menu at the top right.

Once you're logged in, you'll be taken to your domains list:

Our list of domains with Namecheap

Click the Manage button to the right of the domain you'd like to connect to your server.

On the next page, at the top click the Advanced DNS button.

Click the Advanced DNS button

Note: Due to limitations of Namecheap's DNS record editor, you cannot add an SRV record for a subdomain unfortunately. You will either need to use the root domain, or you can manage your domain through Cloudflare instead. You can also opt to just picking up a dedicated IP for your server, which is only an additional $4/month, which skips the need for an SRV record entirely.

Finding your IP Address
Start by heading over to your Minecraft Server panel, and find the IP:

If it says "Order Dedicated IP", this means you do not have a dedicated IP. If it says "(Dedicated IP)" this means you do have a dedicated IP.

Note: We highly recommend picking up a dedicated IP for your server, which is only $4/month. SRV records in particular on Namecheap are a bit buggy, and have some limitations.

Adding an A record

Click the Add New Record button at the bottom of your records list. It should look something like this:

You will see this after selecting the Add New Record option
Now enter the following:

For the "Host" you can use:
- play, which means players will connect with
- mc, which means players will connect with
- @, which means players will connect with

Then for the IP Address, enter your server's IP. From our example earlier, the IP would be (only include the portion before the :) — but of course, make sure to place your own.

Afterwards, press the green checkmark. If you have a dedicated IP you can stop here.

Adding an SRV Record

Note: Only the Java version of Minecraft follows SRV records. Players on Bedrock will still need to manually enter your server's port.

To create an SRV record, click the Add New Record again. This time, change the default A Record type to SRV Record, which should show the following:

You should see this after changing the record type to "SRV Record"
Next, enter the following:

- Service: _minecraft
- Protocol: _tcp
- Priority: 5
- Weight: 0
- Port: This will be the XXXXX after your server's IP address. So, from our screenshot earlier in the guide, this was 25566.
- Target: This will be either the subdomain (such as or root domain (such as that you used earlier.

After those are entered, click the green checkmark to save the record. Now that the records have been created, you may need to wait a bit of time for the changes to propagate throughout the internet. This can technically take up to 48 hours to happen, but generally it only actually takes a couple of hours to update.

If you happen to run into any issues with this process, feel free to reach out to our support team so we can take a look! You can reach our support team by either opening a ticket on our website or our Discord.
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