How to change your server's version:

You cannot go down in server versions, for example you cannot switch from 1.15.2 => 1.8.8, this will not work and will give an error in console. You can only go up in versions (1.8.8 => 1.15.2 is fine)

Open your server on our panel
Click the "JAR Menu" button and select the version you want
Restart your server

How to change your server's JAR File:

If you want to use a custom JAR file which isn't on our JAR file list then feel free to add it by following these steps:

Open your server files via the panel's File Manager or FTP (here's a guide on how to do that)
Upload your custom JAR to the main files area (NOT into a folder)
Open your server on our panel
In the box to the right hand side of the JAR Menu button, type the exact name of the JAR file
Hit enter to save the new choice

If you're unsure feel free to checkout our video guide below!

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