The MOTD (Message of the Day) is a feature in Minecraft allowing you to show a message on player's server lists.

How to set the MOTD:

If you use a server version which supports plugins (Bukkit, Spigot, etc.) then it is recommended to use a plugin such as ServerListPlus to allow you to format your MOTD using '&' codes and to change the MOTD without a restart.

Steps when using ServerListPlus:

Download ServerListPlus from Spigot using this link. Make sure to download the correct version for your server.
Upload the file to the /plugins/ directory on your server.
Restart your server.
Navigate to the /plugins/ServerListPlus/ directory and edit the ServerListPlus.yml file and edit it as you please.
From console type "slp reload", or in-game type "/slp reload".

Steps without ServerListPlus (Vanilla/Modded servers):

Open your server on Multicraft.
On the left-hand side click 'Files' then 'Config Files'
Click ''
Change the value set on 'motd' to what you want. You cannot use formatting codes which start with '&' but rather they start with '\u00A7'. For example, '&a' would be '\u00A7a'

Here's an example of a MOTD:

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