Having a server IP like can be hard to remember and look unprofessional to give out to your players, here we'll cover your options for changing the server IP to make something memorable!

Examples of different types of IP Addresses

IP With Port:
Dedicated IP:

Subdomain: example-server.my.pebble.host
Domain: exampleserver.com or play.exampleserver.com

How to get an IP with Port

This type of IP Address is the default for all servers - this is the free option. With this it's possible to configure a subdomain as explained below, and additionally while it's possible to configure a domain, this would require an SRV record which can be difficult to set up and buggy.

How to get a Dedicated IP

This means that your server would have access to port 25565, which is the default Minecraft port. This option is charged at $5/month extra and can be purchased with your server, or by opening a support ticket. With a dedicated IP not only is it possible to get a Subdomain, it is also possible to link it to a normal Domain much more easily as explained below.

Additionally, with a dedicated IP you would be able to open a support ticket to get the 25565 port changed to a different port if needed, for example we can change it to port 19132 which is the default for Bedrock Edition, if you wish.

How to get a Subdomain

The Subdomain option is free and available to any server, whether or not you have a dedicated IP. This would always end in .my.pebble.host, there are not at the moment any other endings.

To make one, you would just need to click the Create Subdomain button in the panel.

If you get the error Domain is invalid, this means you have used invalid characters in the domain. You'd need to adjust this so that it only uses lowercase characters, and dashes.

How to get a Domain

If you wish to have a normal domain like awesomeserver.com, you would need to first purchase this from a Registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy. Then, we also strongly recommend you purchase a Dedicated IP with your server, as this will make it much easier to link up.

Once you have both of those, simply follow our other guide to link the domains: How to connect a domain to your server
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